Visual Scare Products

Scare birds away with our wide range of visual deterrents, which confuse and scare target animals, including many bird species.

Margo Supplies Dead Magpie Decoy

Dead Magpie Decoy

SKU: 1939
The realistic dead magpie decoy is an environmentally friendly way to make it appear your scare program has consequences.
$28.72 CAD

Bird Scare Laser – Adjustable Beam

SKU: 1904
Safe, effective bird scare laser. Adjustable beam provides max power to extend daylight effectiveness and broader beam for low-light use.
$92.25 CAD

Flash Tape

SKU: 1903
Great value! A simple, affordable, and highly effective bird deterrent. The unusual flashing confuses and frightens birds.
$5.00 CAD

Repel Tape

SKU: 1933
Holographic bird tape reflects blinding flashes of sunlight and makes noise. Affordable visual element to scare program.
$6.00 CAD

Osprey Kite

SKU: 1929
Flies in the breeze, realistically simulating a hunting Osprey in flight, scaring other prey bird species away.
$65.00 CAD

Peregrine Falcon Kite

SKU: 1930
The flying Peregrine Falcon kite replicates the flight of the fearsome predator, keeping other birds away.
$65.00 CAD

Eagle Kite

SKU: 1928
Eagle kites fly as a traditional kite or from a pole to repel other birds with realistic flapping wings.
$112.50 CAD

Fiberglass Extension Pole for Raptor Kites

SKU: 1919
Extending Pole for use with the Eagle, Osprey, and Peregrine Falcon Kites.
$48.75 CAD

Bald Eagle Decoy

SKU: 1907
Realistically painted, oversized Bald Eagle decoy is effective in keeping waterfowl from control areas. Stands approximately 1m (3ft) tall. Ideal for golf courses.
$215.00 CAD