Bear Spray

Counter Assault Bear Spray

SKU: 4003
This last line of defense stops bears in their tracks, dispersing a pepper cloud up to 9m, temporarily disabling a charging bear.

Counter Assault Inert Bear Spray - For Training

SKU: 4013
Be prepared for bear country by practicing how to safely and quickly deploy bear spray with the Inert Training Spray.

Bear Spray Hip Holster

SKU: 4004
Keep your bear spray secure and accessible with the quick-draw holster. Sits securely on your hip with attached belt loop.

Counter Assault Chest Holster

SKU: 4009
Keep your bear spray close and ready deploy with the Counter Assault Chest Holster. Adjustable and secure.

Trail Runner

SKU: 4019
Comfortably carry your bear spray and keep it easy to reach. Ideal for trail runners, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.

Bear Spray Travel and Storage Case

SKU: 4016
Hard plastic container with screw top safely stores bear spray to prevent accidental deployment.

Bicycle Mounted Bear Spray Holster

SKU: 4018
Cyclists travel quickly and quietly. Protect yourself from dangerous bear encounters with secure and accessible bear spray.

Dog Spray - 40g

SKU: 4006
Non-toxic, non-lethal defense spray for aggressive dogs.

Bear spray is the most effective way to prevent an attack. Non-lethal and non-toxic, protects people and wildlife.