Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless

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  • Get wireless protection for your crops or property.

  • Broadcasts distressing cries that frighten targeted birds.

  • Easily programmable and adjustable.

  • Up to 6 acres of coverage.

  • Optional solar panels keep batteries trickle charged.

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Transmit actual bird distress cries wirelessly with the Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless. Ideal for protecting up to 6 acres and where running speaker wires may not practical. A single Transmit/Control unit transmits actual bird distress cries, digitally recorded on a microchip, to an unlimited number or Receive/Speaker units within a 305m (1,000ft) line of sight radius. The solid-state electronics are mounted inside a weather-resistant control box, suitable for most conditions. The Transmit/Control unit mounts easily to a post or pole using the included mounting hardware and is powered by either 110/220v AC or 12v battery.

Fully programmable, with adjustments for volume, specific sound combinations, daylight, night, or 24-hour operation. Each Receive/Speaker unit contains four, high-power amplifiers and four speakers enclosed in a metal housing for crystal-clear digital output in any weather. As bird pressure increases, additional Receive/Speaker units may be added to especially difficult problem areas where birds may be attacking.

Easy to change out sound chip is located on the faceplate of the Transmit/Control unit so it can be changed in the field for protection against a greater variety of birds. The controller electronically modulates calls so it sounds like different injured birds of the same species.

Please note: High-voltage electrical transmission lines and cell phone towers nearby may interfere with the operation of the Super Pro Wireless unit. In these situations, the regular Super Pro unit (wired version) must be used. Each Receive/Speaker unit effectively covers a circular area approximately 185m (600ft) in diameter. Each Receive/Speaker unit is powered by a 12v battery (not included).

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