12 Gauge Cartridges

12 Gauge Shellcrackers

SKU: 6600
Scare birds, bears, and other wildlife away from the control area by causing an immediate fear reaction with 12 Gauge Shellcrackers.

12 Gauge Signal Flares

SKU: 6602
Red, green and white flares reaching heights of 80m (250’).

12 Gauge Mega Flash Blank

SKU: 6611
12 Gauge Nova Blank creates intense sound and muzzle flash that startles and chases away problem wildlife.

12 Gauge Rubber Slugs

SKU: 6610
Non-lethal, mid and extended-range wildlife control ammunition. Flies accurately and delivers a painful but safe impact.

12 Ga Bean Bag Training Round

SKU: 6615
Practice safe deployment of non-lethal beanbag rounds with low-cost, Training Only rounds.

12 Gauge Aerosock

SKU: 6614
Deter problem wildlife with the Aerosock non-lethal ammunition. Designed for increased accuracy.

Shellcrackers, signal flares, rubber slugs, and beanbags for visual, audio, and contact deterrents for birds and bears.