Record Double Shot Launcher

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  • Affordable and compact launcher in safety orange.

  • Hammer auto-cocks between shots for rapid firing.

  • Fires all 15mm scare cartridges.

  • Launcher is powered by 6mm blanks (#6050).

Aggressively Haze birds and other wildlife with the double shot launcher. The affordable double shot launcher allows two 15mm Scare Cartridges to be launched one after the other and is powered by 6mm blanks (#6050). After the first cartridge is shot off the double shot launcher automatically cocks itself and is ready to launch immediately. The small compact design makes it easy to carry with you and the bright safety orange colour makes it easy to find if dropped in a field.

Double Detonations of pyrotechnic scare cartridges creates a stronger fear reaction in birds and helps keep them away. Protect fruits and berries by first firing a Banger (#6000) over the birds, this raises them above the crop. Follow this with a Screamer (#61001) cartridge to chase them out of the area. Firing two shots quickly creates a much stronger fear reaction in birds and helps to keep them away in the future.

Personal Safety is important in bear country. Bear Bangers and Screamers are useful to deter curious or aggressive bears. They are ideal in situations where the bear is not within range of bear spray. The double shot launcher gives you the extra fire-power to ensure they leave the area. Screamers have are very useful for bears as they emit noise immediately after being fired, chasing the bear away from you. Unlike pen-gun style launchers, the Record Double Shot launcher allows you to safely pre-load blanks without risk of accidental firing.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS ONLY: Due to Federal Regulations we are only able to sell pyrotechnic products to government agencies (airports, wildlife services, federal, state, and local, governments) at this time. Sales to private individuals or companies will not be processed.

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