Galvanized Stranded Steel Wire for Electric Fencing

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  • Heavy-duty electric fence wire for temporary and permanent electric fencing.

  • Re-useable and easier to work with than hi-tensile wire.

  • Requires less forces to maintain wire tension, reducing stress on fence posts for longer life.

  • 5/64” 14 Gauge

Galvanized Stranded Wire is the ideal wire for electric fencing. The stranded galvanized wire is very conductive, minimizing voltage loss, and has a breaking strength of over 450kg (1000lbs.). It is stronger than other portable wire and easier to work with than hi-tensile – making our Galvanized Stranded Wire the ideal material for temporary and permanent fences. Unlike hi-tensile wire, our galvanized stranded wire can be taken down in-between seasons and re-strung without damage or hassle. It is used to protect apiaries and cabins, and other high-value attractants and property from bears.

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