Live Traps and Animal Handling

Light Duty Tru Catch Live Trap

SKU: 2004
Simple, effective, and affordable humane live trap for small animals. Professional quality simple to use.

Tru Catch Live Trap with Rear Door

SKU: 2005
Rugged, simple, and humane live trap available in multiple sizes. Easy to set trap mechanism and rear release door.

Skunk Trap

SKU: 2001
Basic trap with solid sides keep the animal calm and protects the handler from sprays, bites, or scratches.

Tru Catch 48" Folding Live Trap

SKU: 2007
All the features of a Tru Catch Live trap, in a collapsible, easy to transport package.

Tru-Catch Transfer Cage

SKU: 2010
Safely transport wild and domestic animals with the Tru-Catch carrier. Available in 18" and 24" long sizes.

Tru-Catch Restraint Carrier

SKU: 2002
Allows the handler to humanely restrict the animal to one side of the cage for easy vaccinations.

Tru Catch Trap Isolator

SKU: 2009
The trap divider allows for smaller animals to be transported in larger carriers.

5' Ketch-All Snare Pole

SKU: 2023
Asturdy Ketch-All pole quickly, and efficiently brings an animal under control. Includes humane features for animal safety.

Extension Ketch-All Pole

SKU: 2024
For use with Ketch-All (#2025) to extend the distance between the handler and animal.

Ketch and Release All Snare Pole

SKU: 2025
Easy-to-use, humane snare pole with a quick-release button for easy and efficient animal handling.

Snappy Snare

SKU: 2022
Easy-to-use time-saver for capturing elusive/frightened animals. (Read More)

Cardboard Animal Carrier

SKU: 2000
Quick assembly cardboard animal carrier with air holes, folds flat for easy shipping and storage.

Leather Animal Handling Gloves

SKU: 2020
Safely handle animals with these strong bite-resistant leather gauntlets.

Cat Grabber

SKU: 2026
Safe restraint for feral or agitated cats. Cat Grabber is an all metal construction with cushioned rubber ends.

Bird Netting - 3/4" Grid

SKU: 2018
Thin black plastic mesh netting creates a physical barrier to prevent birds from entering protected areas.

Multi-Door Pigeon Trap

SKU: 2019
Walk-in trap allows capture of multiple pigeons and includes humane holding area.

Hancock Style Live Beaver Trap

SKU: 2028
This live trap sets up in less than two minutes and will catch even the most trap-shy beaver.

We stock an extensive range of professional grade live traps and animal handling devices. Our products are designed to be safe and humane, protecting handlers ad animals alike. From backyard pest control to wildlife management, our traps are reliable and durable. Traps are available in a variety of sizes, enabling the capture of animals from squirrels to mountain lions.