One Second Counts Bear Spray Holster

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  • Keeps spray secure and close at hand.

  • Bear spray snaps out for faster access than any other holster.

  • Fits all 225g and 230g Bear Sprays.

  • Clip and go snaps onto belts or backpack straps.

  • Universal mount has velcro straps and can be mounted nearly anywhere.

Compression fit technology keeps your bear spray secure but ready to use at a moments notice. The snap and go technology allows your spray to securely sit in the holster, even withstanding jostling from high impact sports, while allowing you to snap it out in a second if needed.

The One Second Counts bear spray cradle comes in either a universal velcro loop closure that can be attached anywhere you can wrap the velcro around or a metal belt clip to keep your bear spray close at hand. The cradle can be mounted in 16 different positions for ease of use and deployment. For use with 230g bear spray canister.

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