RG-46 Seven Shot Revolver Launcher

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  • Recommended model for industrial and heavy use.

  • Pre-load seven, 6mm blanks (#6050) for rapid firing of pyrotechnic cartridges.

  • Swing-out revolver style cylinder, with built-in blank ejector, speeds up reloading.

  • Durable, well built, and easy to clean.

The 7-shot RG-46 Revolver Style Launcher one of the most common wildlife deterrents found at airports and industrial sites. It houses seven, 6mm blanks (#6050), allowing multiple pyrotechnic cartridges to be fired in quick succession. The RG-46 is our most robust pyrotechnic launcher and will stand-up to heavy use at airports, industrial sites, and even the largest agriculture operations.

Rapidly fire multiple cartridges to chase birds out of the control area. Scare birds into the air with a Banger (#6000) then rapidly launch a Screamer (#6001) to chase them off. This is a very effective way to haze birds and prevent them from coming back. The Cartridge Holster (#5099) is a great addition as it keeps pyrotechnics readily available so they can be shot quickly.

Protect yourself against wildlife when in bear country. Bear encounters happen quickly, the RG-46 can be safely pre-loaded with blanks and the pyrotechnic scare cartridge is quickly slipped into the muzzle for a much faster reaction than is possible with a pen-gun style launcher.

The simple design makes it easy to clean which dramatically extends the life of the launcher. Carbon can build-up quickly; use the attached cleaning brush to clean the launcher after every 100 rounds or at the end of each shift.

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Durable Pyros Launcher
Date posted: Nov 15, 2016

Pyrotechnic launchers get dirty easily but this is the most reliable launcher our crew has used. We fire 200+ rounds per day in the busy season and with a little preventative maintenance work and regular cleaning this launcher has held up to the abuse!

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