Scare Cannons

Zon Mark IV

SKU: 1000
Simple, effective, reliable. The Zon propane scare cannon creates a 120dB blast, scaring birds out of the control area.

Zon Electra Scare Cannon

SKU: 1100
Propane blasts scare birds. The Zon Electra multi-shot cannon is meant for heavy-duty use in agriculture, industry, and aviation.

Zon Electra with Push Button Controller

SKU: 1500
ZON Electra scare cannon with 12' corded push button activator for on demand activation.

Zon Electra with Low Frequency Radio Control

SKU: 1200
Targeted on-demand remotely activated bird deterrent. Low-frequency radio receiver can be activated up to 1200m 4,000 ft.) away.

Zon Electra with High Frequency Radio Control

SKU: 1300
On demand deterrent with remote firing over 3,200m (2 miles) away. Uses secure high-frequency channel.

Zon Mk IV Rotating Tripod

SKU: 1002
360-degree rotating tripod makes the most out of the M4 Cannon. The elevated tripod projects blasts while rotating on each shot.

Zon Electra Rotating Tripod

SKU: 1101
The elevated tripod projects bird scare blasts while rotating with each shot. Increases the effective area of your cannon.

Zon Quartz Clock Timer

SKU: 1001
The quartz clock automatically deactivates and de-activates the Zon M4 Cannon.

Tripod Mountable Solar Kit for Electra

SKU: 1102
Solar battery kit snaps on to the Zone Electra Tripod for continuous charge of bird scare cannons. Reduces maintenance and excellent for remote use.

Solar Case Kit for Electra

SKU: 1103
A 5 watt Solar panel mounted on a weather-proof battery box. For use without Zon Electra Tripod.

Low Frequency Transmitter

SKU: 1201
Remotely detonate Zon Electra cannons for an extremely effective on-demand deterrent. On transmitter controls up to 99 cannons.

Low Frequency Receiver

SKU: 1205
Radio receiver for the Zon Electra. Allows for remote firing options with a range of 2,500m (8,200').

High Frequency 16-Channel Hand Transmitter

SKU: 1301
High-Frequency receiver for secure, remote activiation of the Zon Electra bird scarer. Range up to 3,200m (10,500').

High Frequency Radio Receiver

SKU: 1302
Long range remote detonation of the Zon Electra Scare Cannon. Range of 3,200m (10,500').

Propane Bottle Holder

SKU: 1700
Stabilizing holder for 20 lbs. and 30 lbs. propane cylinders. Perfect for transporting tanks and securing them to the ground.

Zon Rotating Tripod Extension Legs

SKU: 1006
Four foot extension legs for the Zon MkIV Tripod.

MPPT Solar Controller Retrofit

SKU: 1610
Get 30% more solar charging power to all Margo Solar Kits with this clip-on Multi Power Point Tracker (MPPT).

Zon Propane Cannons scare birds - protect your investment! Remote firing, rotating tripods, and all the accessories you need.