Visual Scare Products

Bird Scare Laser - Adjustable Beam

SKU: 1904
Safe, effective bird scare laser. Adjustable beam provides max power to extend daylight effectiveness and broader beam for low-light use.

Flash Tape

SKU: 1903
Great value! A simple, affordable, and highly effective bird deterrent. The unusual flashing confuses and frightens birds.

Repel Tape

SKU: 1933
Holographic bird tape reflects blinding flashes of sunlight and makes noise. Affordable visual element to scare program.

Osprey Kite

SKU: 1929
Flies in the breeze, realistically simulating a hunting Osprey in flight, scaring other prey bird species away.

Peregrine Falcon Kite

SKU: 1930
The flying Peregrine Falcon kite replicates the flight of the fearsome predator, keeping other birds away.

Eagle Kite

SKU: 1928
Eagle kites fly as a traditional kite or from a pole to repel other birds with realistic flapping wings.

Bald Eagle Decoy

SKU: 1907
Realistically painted, oversized Bald Eagle decoy is effective in keeping waterfowl from control areas. Stands approximately 1m (3ft) tall. Ideal for golf courses.

Immature Bald Eagle Decoy

SKU: 1908
Like the painted version, this oversized bald eagle is effective in keeping waterfowl from control areas. Stands approximately 1m (3ft).

Fiberglass Extension Pole for Raptor Kites

SKU: 1919
Extending Pole for use with the Eagle, Osprey, and Peregrine Falcon Kites.

Dead Crow Decoy

SKU: 1937
Crows are intelligent animals and will avoid areas they associate with danger. Very effective when combined with scare cannons.

Dead Pigeon Decoy

SKU: 1936
Tricks pigeons into thinking that there are lethal dangers in the area. Very effective when combined with audio deterrents.

Dead Seagull Decoy

SKU: 1938
Seagulls are social birds and will avoid areas they perceive to be dangerous.

Dead Magpie Decoy

SKU: 1939
The realistic dead magpie decoy is an environmentally friendly way to make it appear your scare program has consequences.

Flying Peregrine Falcon

SKU: 1934
Simulates a peregrine falcon in flight, scaring birds away from the control area.

Perched Peregrine Falcon

SKU: 1935
Perched peregrine falcon decoy keeps watch over your property, keeping smaller prey birds away and on edge.

Dead Raven Decoy

SKU: 1940
Protect your garden, farm and other properties with this traditional visual decoy.

Screech Owl

SKU: 1932
Decoy rotates and emits owl calls to keep prey bird species outside of the control area.

Holographic/Iridescent Guardian Owl

SKU: 1931
Bright flashes reflect from holographic owl, keeping birds frightened and on edge.

Scare-Eye Balloon

SKU: 1901
Scare Eye startles and confuses birds. Works as stand-alone product or in combination with audio deterrents.

Coyote Decoy

SKU: 1905
This 3D life-size predator replica frightens geese, birds and, other small pests away. Highly visible, safe, and humane.

Daddi Long Legs

SKU: 1910
Physical barrier to prevent birds from landing on roofs, ledges, and other potential roosts. Unobtrusive and low visibility.

Replacement Line Rig for Raptor Kites

SKU: 1920
Securely attach Raptor kites with the Line Rig. Swivel-snap prevents line from tangling during use.

Our visual scare products keep birds away from protected areas. Visual deterrents imitate avian predators, spreading fear and confusion amongst target species, driving them away from the control area. Effective as standalone products, they also add a physical presence to other deterrent tactics. They are also useful in sensitive areas where it is not possible to use more intrusive products. Regularly moving the decoys will maintain their effectiveness over time, and they are particularly effective when used in tandem with pyrotechnic scare cartridges and Zon Scare Cannons. These products work on starlings, sparrows, geese, ducks, and any other bird species preyed upon by raptors.