About Us

Margo Supplies Ltd. is a family-owned and operated company. With over 40 years of wildlife management experience behind us, you will receive practical solutions to resolve all of your wildlife issues through safe, effective, non-lethal tools and techniques.

We are dedicated to providing you with the most effective products. Our extensive field testing ensures you will have the most sophisticated and reliable tools at your disposal. We are regular users of our products and stand behind them. We will help protect your assets and dramatically increase your security.

You are in good company; we supply airports, government services, national parks, tour operators, farmers and recreationists around the world with our products. Our wildlife management products are well trusted and widely used across North America. You can rest easy knowing you are getting the best products in the business.

Our core values come directly from real-world experience and passion. These values translate into efficient and humane solutions to your wildlife management issues:

1. Behavioural-Based Solutions

Solutions that take advantage of natural animal reactions are the best way to keep wildlife away in the short and long-term. By creating a “landscape of fear,” we can deter animals from entering control areas and create lasting changes in the environment.

2. Non-Lethal

We believe non-lethal animal control systems provide long-term solutions that reduce your overall costs and at the same time reduce your environmental footprint.

3. Systems-Based Approach

Our products work together as a system to help deter animals from entering the control area, creating long-term solutions to any issues you and your team might be experiencing.

4. Logistics Support

We understand your wildlife conflict problems require rapid response. We have four shipping warehouses throughout North America and a trained logistics team to get your order to you faster, wherever you might need it.

5. Practical Solutions

We are here to help solve your wildlife management issues with the least amount of disruption to your operations or home.

6. Conservation

Conservation matters to us. We donate our time, services, products as well as financial support to conservation projects for black, grizzly and polar bears in western North America and the High Arctic.