Contract Birdwire

The MargoSupplies BirdWire system successfully excludes waterfowl from control areas. Open water attracts birds by providing a habitat to ducks, geese, protected species, and nesting birds. In industrial zones these animals pose a hazard for themselves and jeopardizes the safe operation of aircraft.

By covering the area with non-obtrusive hi-tensile wires in our proven BirdWire design, waterfowl are prevented from landing in the control area.

Benefits of Birdwire

Open water attracts waterfowl and other wildlife, including birds of prey and protected species. By removing the environmental attraction of open water, bird pressure is greatly reduced in the entire control area. Our low-impact design allows for uninterrupted use of the site and accounts for seasonal fluctuations in water level.

The MargoSupplies BirdWire system is proven to be an effective barrier against waterfowl. Airports have seen drastic reduction in bird numbers, decreasing the likelihood of bird strikes. The MargoSupplies BirdWire system saves you money, increases safety, and protects wildlife from industrial operations.

Benefits of Professional Installation

For professional results use professionals. Our BirdWire system was developed through years of experience in bird behaviour. Through extensive testing we have developed a design that successfully excludes target species. Our copyrighted and engineer stamped design works. Combined with the highest quality material and specialized installation techniques, we build reliable systems that last. And with the lowest impact on your budget.

With years of experience behind us, our mobile installation team is ready to go when and where you need us.

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