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    Margo Supplies excels at bear management. We specialize in custom designs that successfully exclude bears from control areas. We build fences in outpost/outfitter camps, landfill sites, mining operations, recreational sites, and industrial locations.

    All installations are based on a professional design plan using the best material. Our attention to structural details and electrical integrity, experience in bear behaviour, and extensively equipped mobile teams have earned us a solid reputation for professional results across North America.

    Benefits of Bear Proofing

    Electric fencing prevents bears from becoming problem animals. Our professional installations provide safety for your personnel, prevent damage to your property, and eliminate costly work stoppages.

    Margo electric fences at landfill sites completely exclude bears, creating security for staff and visitors. Electric bear fences greatly extend the life of a site by allowing you to replace active cell cover material from gravel to tarps – resulting in financial savings.

    Benefits of Professional Installation

    Professional installation requires knowledge in structural reliability (system design, material selection and specialized equipment), electrifying wire, and bear behaviour. Our knowledge and skills come from years of collective experience.

    Our procedures on grounding techniques and Megger earth testing, as well as anchoring practices, are a result of field experience in difficult terrain – mountain, muskeg, bush, permafrost, blast rock, Canadian Shield, steep slopes, and loose soils. With specialized equipment and knowledge, we have the ability to deliver our product in environmentally sensitive areas with a minimum footprint.

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