Critter Gitter

A versatile, motion activated wildlife deterrent that is effective across many species, including, deer, elk, coyotes, and bears.

Margo Gadfly Alarm

SKU: 4001
A motion-activated wildlife deterrent that detects movement from 10m(30ft away) and uses a built-in speaker to emit specially designed sirens to deter wildlife.
$60.00 USD

Critter Gitter

SKU: 4008
Detects animals moving into the protected area and emits a piercing siren with flashing light to send the animals fleeing.
$75.00 USD

Critter Gitter Enhancer

SKU: 4014
Strobe siren enhancer for the Critter Gitter. The additional source of light and sound increase the effectiveness of the Critter Gitter.
$54.00 USD