Audio Bird and Animal Repellers

Bird Gard External Speaker

SKU: 1813
Replacement external speaker for the Bird Gard. Compatible with Bird Gard Pro, Pro Plus, and Super Pro.

Bird Gard Timer

SKU: 1800
Manage Bird Gard operations automatically with the Bird Gard Timer. Internal memory stores programs.

EPROM Chip for Bird Gard

SKU: 1817
Additional sounds chips for the Bird Gard audio repellers. Covers most North American pest species.

Bird Gard 4 Speaker Box for Super Pro

SKU: 1814
Replacement speaker for the Bird Gard Super Pro.

Bird Gard PA4 Speaker

SKU: 1807
Add additional speakers for the Bird Gard PA4 for additional coverage.

Rancher Bullwhip

SKU: 1710
Made of durable nylon coated with linseed oil for extra protection from the elements. The sonic boom scares wildlife and keeps them away.

Rancher Stockwhip

SKU: 1711
The oldest wildlife deterrent on the planet. The Rancher Stockwhip is made of nylon coated with linseed oil, making it durable and resistant to water and dirt.

Nylon Bullwhip

SKU: 1712
The 6 foot nylon bullwhip is fast and easy to crack. The sonic boom combined with visual effect of a swinging whip scare works on birds and other wildlife.

Leather Indiana Jones Bullwhip

SKU: 1713