Electric fence gates prevent bears and other wildlife accessing a site while allowing human and vehicle traffic.

Electrified Gate From Margo Supplies

Electrified Gate

SKU: 3081
Electrified swing gates, which allows easy access for foot and vehicle traffic. Available in 6’, 12’, and 24’ lengths.
$690.00 USD
Electrigate Expandable Gate

Electrigate Expandable Gate

SKU: 3029
Stretches to fit openings from 7’ to 20’. The stretchable bungee material works in all temperatures and will not sag over time.
$22.50 USD

Rub’R Insulated Gate Handles

SKU: 3025
Rub'R Insulated Gate Handles are insulated gate handles for safe entry and exit of electric fences. An internal spring keeps the wires tight when closed.
$2.95 USD