We carry the specialty electric fencing tools needed to construct and effective wildlife exclusion fence.

Parmak 6 Lite Electric Fence Tester

SKU: 3008
A quick way to test your electric fence and locate shorts. The light indicates the approximate voltage output up to 10,000v.
$14.00 USD

Parmak Digital Electric Fence Tester

SKU: 3009
Measure fence performance and diagnose problems with the Digital Fence Tester featuring an easy to ready digital display.
$40.00 USD

American Cable Cutter

SKU: 3012
The American Cable cutter makes a clean quick cut, eliminating frayed wire ends and will remain sharp for years.
$26.80 USD

Post Pounder

SKU: 3018
Quickly install a fence posts on challenging ground.
$40.00 USD

Post Pounder/Puller

SKU: 3019
The solid steel post pounder makes it easy to install and retrieve posts in difficult ground. Great lightweight tool for temporary fencing.
$80.00 USD

Wire Winder and Spool

SKU: 3027
Re-use poly wire and galvanized steel cable for temporary electric fences by spooling up the wire during fence tear down.
$5.90 USD

Heavy Duty Easy Reel Wire Winder and Spool

SKU: 3020
Rugged wire spool for easy dispensing or rewinding of fence wire. Works on both poly wire and galvanized stranded steel wire.
$63.75 USD

Wheel Wire Tensioner Tool

SKU: 3040
Used in conjunction with Wire Tension Wheels (#3045) for tightening long fence sections.
$19.50 USD

Gripple Tensioning Tool

SKU: 3123
Tension fence wires with the Gripple Tensioning Tool. A quick and easy way to acquire the necessary tension in fence wires.
$75.00 USD