CAPA Cartridges

Scare birds out of reach of other deterrents with the CAPA Long Range pyrotechnic scare cartridges. Travels over 300m (1000’).

CAPA Long Range 18mm Pyrotechnic from Margo Supplies

CAPA 18mm Long-Range Pyrotechnic

SKU: 6650
The CAPA 18mm Long-Range Pyrotechnic has a range of 300m (985ft) making it ideal for moving birds beyond the range of other pyrotechnics.
$575.00 USD
CAPA Launcher from Margo Supplies

CAPA Launcher

SKU: 6651
The CAPA Launcher i s a 4 caliber very-type launcher, specifically designed for use with CAPA cartridges. Range of 300m (985") and 150 dB.
$275.00 USD