12 Gauge Extended Range Rubber Slugs

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  • Non-Lethal direct contact deterrent for aggressive hazing and defence.
  • To be fired from a distance of 40m+ (130ft +).
  • Sold per 5 Rounds, 10 Rounds or 25 Rounds.

Deter bears and other large animals with the 12-gauge rubber slug. The rubber projectile delivers a painful impact to target wildlife without causing injury. This advanced deterrent provides a strong dissuasion to persistent bears, providing wildlife managers with another non-lethal way to escalate deterrence. Bears who have been deterred with the rubber slug learn to associate humans with a painful and unpleasant experience, reducing the chances that they will continue to search out human habituation and attractants.

Long Range deterrent round to be used between 40m+  (130ft +). The rubber round flattens on impact, spreading the force to create a painful experience but reducing the chances of injury.

A powerful tool for trained wildlife management professionals. The rubber projectile should be fired into the rump or other fatty tissue. Price is per round. This 2¾”, 12-gauge shell is for use in open choke shotguns only.


A valid PAL and government issued photo ID are required at purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS: We are only able to sell ammunition to government agencies (airports, wildlife services, state and local governments. Orders to USA private individuals and companies will not be processed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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