Bicycle Mounted Bear Spray Holster

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  • Quick to reach and deploy Bear Spray (not included) in an encounter.
  • Secures your bear spray and prevents puncture in an accident.
  • Fits into any standard water bottle cage.
  • Fits 230g Bear Spray only.

Cyclists Travelling in Bear Country have a much higher risk of dangerous bear encounters than other recreationalists. Travelling quickly and quietly drastically increases the risk of surprising or even making contact with the bears that also share these trails. Bear Spray needs to be stored so it is both quick to grab but also secure and protected in case of a fall.


The Holster fits 230g Counter Assault Bear Spray (not included) and fits into a standard bicycle water bottle cage. The plastic carrier protects the Bear Spray canister but leaves the nozzle and trigger free for use. The screw-top neck secures Bear Spray so it is impossible for it to bounce out, unlike friction fit models.