CAPA 18mm Long-Range Pyrotechnic

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    • Range: 300m (1000’)
    • Effect: Loud 150dB report at end of range.
    • Deployment Tip: The cartridge’s silent ascension effectively scares birds upon detonation.
    • 25 Rounds per box.

The CAPA 18mm Long-Range Pyrotechnic is ideal for long-range bird-scaring applications with a high deterrent effect. Because of the loud report, this is an effective tool at deterring wildlife, especially birds.

For use with the Capa Launcher (#6651). The range of the 18mm long-range pyrotechnic are about 300m (985ft) and the sound is about 150 decibels. Each box contains 25 rounds.

To learn more about auditory deterrents, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS: Due to ATF regulations we are only able to sell Pyrotechnic Products to Government Agencies (airports, wildlife services, state and local governments) at this time.

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