CAPA Long Range 18mm Pyrotechnic

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    • Range: 300m (1000’)
    • Effect: Loud 150dB report at end of range.
    • Deployment Tip: The cartridge’s silent ascension effectively scares birds upon detonation.
    • 25 Rounds per box.

These long rang cartirdges end with a loud report (150 dB) after travelling approximately 985 feet (300m). For use with the item #6651 (CAPA Launcher). Long range performance – 985 feet (300m). Produces a 150 decibel report at the end of travel. Ideal for long range bird scaring applications with high deterrent effect. 25 rounds/box.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS: Due to ATF regulations we are only able to sell Pyrotechnic Products to Government Agencies (airports, wildlife services, state and local governments) at this time.

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