Counter Assault Inert Bear Spray – For Training

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  • Vital component of bear safety training courses.
  • Safely practice bear spray deployment.
  • Contains inert propellant only.
  • Reduces costs of staff orientation and bear awareness programs.

Prepare for bear country by practicing safe and effective bear spray deployment. Using the Counter Assault Inert Bear Spray, users can practice using an identical replica of our  Counter Assault Bear Spray ensuring you are familiar with the exact procedure to deploy the real thing. Inert Bear Spray does not contain the active ingredient in bear spray.

Critical Product for Operational Training.  Counter Assault Inert Bear Spray is great for training employees at industrial sites, remote camps, and protected areas. Learn how to use and handle the product safely so you can ensure successful deployment in the case of an emergency.

Bear awareness should be a routine part of your wilderness outing, especially early spring through fall. Are you prepared for a bear encounter? If you are entering bear country, you should be prepared for a bear encounter. Bears can move very quickly when they want to; practicing bear spray deployment ahead of time ensure you’ll know exactly what to do if you ever need to use the real thing. To learn more about the importance of using bear spray click here.

Bear attacks are rare, however, being mentally prepared can help you have the most effective reaction. To learn more about bear safety click here.


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