Critter Gitter

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  • Detects and deters animals with a 120 dB siren and flashing red lights.
  • Uses infrared and motion sensors to detect animals as small as squirrels.
  • From bears to owls, the Critter Gitter repels a wide variety of animals.

Versatile Animal Scarer is useful in a huge variety of animal control applications. From protecting a meat cache against hungry bears to keeping raccoons out of gardens, the Critter Gitter can do it. The 120dB siren and flashing lights keep wild animals, pests, cats, and dogs to stay away from protected areas. The unfamiliar sound and flashing red light causes intruding animals to immediately retreat and discourages them from returning. Activated only when animals are present, the Critter Gitter is unobtrusive, easy to use, and lightweight.

Approaching Animals Activate a 120dB Siren and flashing lights when passing in front of the Critter Gitter crossing its path. Each unit Critter Gitter will detect animals in a 90° cone up to 12m (40ft) away. Combining both infrared and motion sensors prevents false activation. Once tripped, the horn emits a 120dB sound for approximately five seconds while two red lights (simulating eyes) flash during the alarm cycle. Powered by a standard 9v battery (not included) – high performance 9v lithium batteries provide the longest life. The Critter Gitter Enhancer Siren (#4014) amplifies the effect, adding additional power.

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