Dog Spray – 40g

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  • Protect yourself while walking, running, cycling or commuting.
  • Be ready at a moment’s notice with the included jogger style holster.
  • Humane, effective and non-lethal against attacking dogs.

Protect Yourself from aggressive dogs with the Counter Assault Dog Spray. The strong pepper formula disables attacking dogs without causing lasting harm to the animal. Humane and effective, the spray has a maximum range of 3 m (10 ft.). The compact container is easily carried and includes a jogger style holster.


Aggressive Canines can pose a threat to joggers, cyclists, or even to your own pet. The 40 g container contains 0.92% capsaicin and related capsaicinoid pepper oil which will stop an animals in its tracks. Each canister contains enough spray for up to 60 1 second bursts of spray.

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