Ground Rod

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  • Proper grounding is necessary for an effective electric fence.
  • ¾” x 72” ground rod provides the largest surface area and strongest grounding.
  • ½” galvanized steel rods are lighter for temporary applications.

Ground Rods are Essential for a working electric fence. A target animal receives an electric shock by allowing the electric energy in the charged (positive) fence wire to return to the fencer through the soil to the ground rod, and then to the negative terminal on the electric fence energizer.

Soil, local climate, and fence size all affect the quantity of grounding needed. The more surface area of conductive material in the ground, the better the grounding. The larger the fence, the more distance an electric charge will have to travel through the soil, increasing the need for grounding.

Use a digital fence tester to effectively test grounding. Connect the positive lead to the positive fence wire and insert the negative lead into the ground to receive a volt reading. 7,000v minimum are necessary to be effective on bears.

3/4” x 72” Steel with Tapered Ends. Provides the most surface area of our ground rods and is suitable for large and permanent fences. 72” length allows the rod to be driven deeper into more humid soil. Weighs 4 kg (8.8lb).

1/2” x 30” Quick Ground Rod. Includes a weighted pounding end that can be used to both install the ground rod without additional tools and remove the rod for temporary applications. Weighs 1.8 kg (4lb).

1/2” x 30” Galvanized Steel. A short and light-weight ground rod for small and temporary applications, such as personal campsites, food caches, and other applications where weight is a consideration. Weighs 0.9 kg (2lb).

1/2” x 36” Galvanized Steel. Relatively lightweight ground rod for smaller fences where weight is a consideration. Weighs 1.5 kg (3.2lb).

1/2” x 72” Galvanized Steel. The longer length allows the rod to be driven deeper to reach more humid soil while still being relatively lightweight. Weighs 2.4 kg (5.4lb).

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Weight5.5 kg
Dimensions73 × 2 × 2 cm
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1/2"x 30" Quick Ground Rod, 3/4" x 72" Steel with Tapered Ends, 1/2" x 36" Galvanized Steel, 1/2" x 58" Galvamized Steel, 1/2" x 72" Galvanized Steel