Margo Gadfly Alarm

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  • Detects movement from 10m (30ft) away.
  • Motion sensors detect animals as small as squirrels.
  • From bears to birds, the 105dB sirens and flashing LEDs will deter a variety of wildlife.

The Margo Gadfly alarm relies on motion-activated sirens and red flashing LEDs to deter wildlife in a variety of applications.  Want to keep bears away from your trash bins? Or deer out of your vegetable garden? The Gadfly is here to help! The ~105dB sirens can be set to sound in 3 different modes with adjustable volume and the device can also be used with the flashing 7500mcd LEDs only.  The unfamiliar sights and sounds emitted from this device confuse intruding animals, causing them to flee and discourages them from returning to the area.

The infrared motion sensors will detect movement at a 160-degree angle around the device with a low sensitivity range of ~3m and a high sensitivity range of ~10m away. The Gadfly uses a 3.6w rechargeable battery that is solar powered to limit the need for replacing batteries.

The Margo Gadfly is often used when the detection of animals, including large predators, is critical. Some users may find that the sensitive settings cause false activations, especially when the gadfly is pointed at objects that move. To reduce false activations avoid pointing the gadfly directly at trees or bushes that are exposed to the wind. Experiment by pointing the Gadfly lower down or select other angles that place it further away from these objects

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