Margo Thunderstick Launcher

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  • Non-gun pyrotechnic launcher designed for airport and industrial use.
  • Removable muzzle cup and magazine allows for easier cleaning.
  • Detachable magazine holds 8 blanks for fast firing and aggressive hazing.
  • 3 point safety system with safety pin, safety switch, and gravity trigger.

The non-gun Thunderstick is specifically designed to fire pyrotechnics for wildlife control. Unlike other pyrotechnic launchers, the thunder stick presents a safe, non-firearms image, increasing operator confidence and reducing operator procedures necessary for replica launchers. Safe, easy to clean, and designed specifically to launch 15mm pyrotechnics. The detachable cylinder holds eight 6mm blanks (#6050) allowing for rapid deployment and aggressive hazing. The Thunderstick is designed for heavy pyrotechnic use at airfields and industrial sites.

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Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 cm