Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer

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  • Control your livestock and deter predators with the most technologically advanced Parmak fence charger.
  • Ideal for large pastures.
  • The helpful, ultra-high visible LED lights show the condition of the fence.

This is the most powerful Parmak model capable of 100 mile range. Operates on 110-20 Volt A.C., low impedance, maximum shock output power to control wildlife or livestock. DIGITAL performance meter shows voltage on fence, accurate within 100 volts. Ultra high visible, multi-colored LED lights show condition of fence. Audible and visible Shut Down Alarm sounds when fence charger is not functioning properly. Advanced computer controlled circuitry, with rugged, high impact ABS housing . Fuse protection and CSA approved. Three year warranty.



Open Circuit Voltage = 16,000 volts

500 ohm Voltage = 9,750 volts

100 ohm Voltage = 7,500 volts

50 ohm Voltage = 4,600 volts

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Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 5 cm