Rancher Bullwhip

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  • Durable working whip loaded with metal shot to create a faster action.
  • At 8 feet long it is easy to learn on but produces a nice reliable crack.
  • Made of nylon treated with linseed oil, this whip stands up to wet and humid weather.
  • Replaceable fall and cracker.

The longest and most used animal control technology in human history. The sonic boom of the whip tip carries and echoes across a surprisingly long distance. Combination of the visual element of a swinging whip with a sharp crack is particularly effective at moving even the most determined animals.


The bullwhip has a short handle built into the body of the whip. More common in North America then the stock whip, the bullwhip has a faster action. The Rancher bullwhip is made of nylon paracord treated in linseed oil. This protects the whip from moisture and dirt, experienced whip crackers will find it a little stiff until it wears in. The 8 foot length allows for a relatively fast action but provides more control and an easier crack. Visit Western Stage Props to learn more about whip cracking.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm
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8 ft, 6 ft