Record Single Shot Launcher

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  • Affordable handheld pyrotechnic scare launcher for bird control or bear deterrent.
  • Faster firing and safer than pen-gun style pyrotechnic launchers.
  • Coloured bright “safety” orange.
  • Fires all 15mm Pyrotechnic Scare Cartridges.

Simple, rugged, and affordable launcher fires all of our 15mm Pyrotechnic Scare Cartridges. The Record launcher uses 6mm blanks (#6050) to propel the scare cartridges. Coloured safety orange. Equally popular with backpackers as a bear deterrent or for farmers to prevent crop-damage caused by birds. The lightweight launcher is easy to use and blanks can be safely pre-loaded for faster firing when you need it. The Record Single shot launcher is an affordable launcher to protect small farms from bird damage, or used as a back-up launcher for a larger bird control operation.

Use Bear Bangers to scare away curious or aggressive bears. The lightweight Launcher is ideal to take into bear country.

Ideal for hikers, paddlers, hunters, and other backcountry enthusiasts. It can be used to deter bears from attractants such as backyard fruit trees, chicken coops, campsites, or in an encounter on the trail. The Record Single Shot Launcher fits easily into a backpack and, unlike pen-guns, can safely be pre-loaded with blanks for faster deployment when needed. Pyrotechnic scare cartridges also function as an emergency signal.

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