Solar Case Kit for Electra

$325.00 USD

Total: $325.00
  • Maintain charged batteries with solar power.
  • Panel charges the 14Ah, gel cell 12v battery (included).
  • Weather resistant.
  • Optional Solar Controller adds 30% more solar charging capacity, protects battery, for low-light and winter use.

The Solar Case Kit for Electra is a weather-resistant solar battery kit for the Zon Electra Scare Cannon (#1100). Because of the solar panel, the kit automatically maintains the required charge to operate the cannon.

Kit includes weather-resistant case, 14Ah gel cell 12v battery, and 5w solar panel.

Not for use with Zon Electra Rotating Tripod. For tripod use, consider the Tripod Mountable Solar Kit for Electra (#1102)

Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 43 × 27 × 50 cm
Variant Name

With Optional Solar Controller, Standard Kit