Bore/Port Brush

SKU: 5706
Remove carbon deposits for the bore of 15mm pyrotechnic launchers. For RG59 and Rg89 launchers.
$5.40 USD
Post Pin Clip

Post Pin Clip

SKU: 3078
The Post Pin Clip is for use with drilled fibreglass posts. These reusable clips slide and lock into pre-drilled holes in posts and hold the wire in position.
$0.35 USD

2″ U-Clips

SKU: 3069
2" U-Clips are for use with drilled fiberglass posts. The clip slides onto holes drilled in the post and holds the wire in position.
$0.26 USD

3/16″ Aviation Bit

SKU: 5705
Use to remove carbon build-up from the barrel of the RG-3 and RG-300 Scare Cartridge Launchers.
$9.60 USD
5/64" Aluminum Oval Crimps from Margo Supplies

5/64″ Aluminum Oval Crimps

SKU: 3014
5/64" Aluminum Oval Crimps are used to make electrical connections for electric fencing. 25 crimps per bag.
$1.96 USD

Nylon Magazine Chamber Brush

SKU: 5704
Clean the magazine chamber of the RG-3 and RG-300.
$5.00 USD
1/16" Cable Clamps For Electric Fencing from Margo Supplies

1/16″ Cable Clamps

SKU: 3125
1/16" Cable Clamps are a fast and easy way to connect fence wires. Re-usable for portable fencing
$0.20 USD
Medium Dry Box

Medium Dry Box

SKU: 6065
Keep your animal deterrents and pyrotechnic scare cartridges secure and dry. Durable water-resistant case
$19.75 USD

Split Bolts

SKU: 3126
Re-useable wire connectors for permanent and portable electric fences.
$1.80 USD