Dangerous Goods/Haz Mat Surcharge

SKU: 8010
$37.00 USD

Dead Magpie Decoy

SKU: 1939
The realistic dead magpie decoy is an environmentally friendly way to make it appear your scare program has consequences.
$24.80 USD

Fence Line Identifier

SKU: 3041

Heavy Duty Lag Corner Insulator

SKU: 3147
L-shaped corner insulator with 1/4" screw for electric rope or twine.
$2.30 USD

Margo Gadfly Alarm

SKU: 4001
A motion-activated wildlife deterrent that detects movement from 10m(30ft away) and uses a built-in speaker to emit specially designed sirens to deter wildlife.
$60.00 USD

Offset Screw In Insulator

SKU: 3146
Out-rig existing captive animal fencing to exclude predators.
$1.92 USD

Replacement Line Rig for Raptor Kites

SKU: 1920
Securely attach Raptor kites with the Line Rig. Swivel-snap prevents line from tangling during use.
$6.00 USD

Ring Insulator

SKU: 3042
$8.85 USD

Survivor Dry Box

SKU: 6066
$18.50 USD