Offset Screw-In Insulator

SKU: 3146
Out-rig existing captive animal fencing to exclude predators.
$2.40 USD
Record Max RK

Record Maxx RK

SKU: 5102
The Record Max RK is the NEW launcher of choice for industry professionals. Non-lethal conflict solution for wildlife professionals.
$134.80 USD

Replacement Line Rig for Raptor Kites

SKU: 1920
Securely attach Raptor kites with the Line Rig. Swivel-snap prevents line from tangling during use.
$6.00 USD
Ring Insulator from Margo Supplies

Ring Insulator

SKU: 3042
The Ring Insulator for wood posts holds rope up to 8mm thick, 1/2" tape and wire.
$14.50 USD
The Survivor Dry Box from Margo Supplies

Survivor Dry Box

SKU: 6066
The Survivor Dry Box keeps your belongings safe from the elements wherever you are . Equipped with built-in compass and signalling mirror.
$18.50 USD

T-Post Mounting Bracket for Solar Energizer

SKU: 3016
$19.00 USD
The Ultra Portable Electric Fence Kit from Margo Supplies

Ultra-Portable Electric Fence Kit – 15′ X 15′

SKU: 3088
The Ultra-Portable Electric Fence Kit from Margo Supplies is a lightweight, portable, four-strand poly-wire electric fence kit. Designed for short stays in bear country.
$310.00 USD

Wire Cylinder Brush (RG46/56/LJ)

SKU: 5707
$6.00 USD
Wood Post Gate Anchor from Margo Supplies

Wood Post Gate Anchor

SKU: 3094
Screw-in style anchor that accommodates all styles of gate handles.
$3.55 USD