12 Gauge Shellcrackers

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  • Shellcrackers are an advanced pyrotechnic cartridge for use ONLY by professional wildlife managers trained and familiar with their use. These cartridges are not available for sale to new users. Please purchase from our 15mm Pyrotechnic line for consumer use.

  • Standard Range (#6600a) 60m (200ft). Extended Range (6600b) 150m (450 ft).

  • Effect: 130 dB. loud explosive report at the end of its range.

  • Fire from 12 gauge open-choke 3" chamber pump or breach load guns ONLY.

  • 25 Rounds per box.

Deter birds from valuable crops, airport runways, and industrial sites. Now available in two range options, standard range Shellcrackers travel approximately 60m (200ft) downrange and then detonate with a loud crack, scaring any birds in the area. The NEW long-range shellcrackers travel an astonishing 140m (450 ft) downrange before exploding. Ideal for use when birds are out of range of other pyrotechnics; they are particularly useful for lifting ducks and geese over water. Detonations directly above resting prey birds causes an immediate flee response due to both the startling noise and the fear of attack from above.

Professional wildlife managers can use a 12-gauge shotgun to escalate deterrent with other non-lethal rounds, such as rubber slugs (#6610), loaded after the pyrotechnics, for bears and other large mammals. Use in clean open-choke shotguns only. Always wear hearing and eye protection. Commonly used as an audio effect in aversive conditioning programs.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

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