12 Gauge Bean Bags

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  • Non-lethal beanbag contact deterrents teaches aggressive or problem wildlife to stay away, without causing lasting harm.

  • Short-Range Deterrent 6m (20’) to 10m (30’).

  • The Bean Bag spreads the force of the impact, ensuring there is no risk to the animal when a short-range deterrent is needed.

  • Sold per round. A valid PAL and government issued photo ID are required at purchase.

Bean bag rounds are flexible projectiles. They expand on impact and spread the force over a broad surface area . The powder paint used in the marking rounds will remain on the animal for approximately two days under dry conditions. The aero-sock is designed to be stabilized in flight by a tufted tail. Price is per round. IMPORTANT: Clear legible copies of a Drivers License and PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) must be provided by fax or email when ordering bean bags, bean bags with maker, and/or aero-sock.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS ONLY: We are only able to sell Ammunition and Pyrotechnic Products to Government Agencies (airports, wildlife services, state and local governments. Orders to USA private individuals and companies will not be processed. We are apologize for the invconvienance..

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