Bear Deterrents

Counter Assault Bear Spray

SKU: 4003
This last line of defense stops bears in their tracks, dispersing a pepper cloud up to 9m, temporarily disabling a charging bear.

Counter Assault Inert Bear Spray - For Training

SKU: 4013
Be prepared for bear country by practicing how to safely and quickly deploy bear spray with the Inert Training Spray.

Bear Spray Hip Holster

SKU: 4004
Keep your bear spray secure and accessible with the quick-draw holster. Sits securely on your hip with attached belt loop.

Professional Bear Safety Kit

SKU: 4010
Be prepared when working or recreating in bear country. Kit comes complete with the most effective deterrents in a dry box.

Personal Bear Safety Kit

SKU: 4017
Lightweight and portable bear deterrent kit with pepper spray and pyrotechnic scare cartridge starter pack.

Bear Spray Travel and Storage Case

SKU: 4016
Hard plastic container with screw top safely stores bear spray to prevent accidental deployment.


SKU: 6000
Travels 30m (90') downrange and explodes with a loud report, scaring wildlife out of the control area.


SKU: 6001
Accoustic bird and bear deterrent. Produces a loud screeching noise over 75m (250'). Now with booster holes.

12 Gauge Shellcrackers

SKU: 6600
Scare birds, bears, and other wildlife away from the control area by causing an immediate fear reaction with 12 Gauge Shellcrackers.

6mm Sellier & Bellot Blanks

SKU: 6050
Starter blank used to propel 15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridges. For use in all 6mm launchers.

Margo Thunderstick Launcher

SKU: 5800
Non-gun 15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridge launcher. Uses 6mm blanks. Safe, simple, and easy to clean.

Record Single Shot Launcher

SKU: 5100
Simple launcher popular as a bear deterrent or for farmers to prevent bird crop-damage. Simple, reliable, and affordable.

RG-46 Seven Shot Revolver Launcher

SKU: 5400
The industry standard 15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridge launcher. Uses 6mm blanks. Reliable, easy to use, and fast firing.

Electra Netting Bear Fence Kit

SKU: 3092
Lightweight and portable electric bear fence with +/- wires. Protect yourself in bear country. Sets up in minutes.

Ultra-Portable Electric Fence Kit

SKU: 3090
Lightweight, portable, four-strand poly-wire electric fence kit. Designed for short stays in bear country.

Heavy Duty Portable Fence Kit

SKU: 3089
Portable bear fence for temporary and semi-permanent applications. Ideal for apiaries, cabins, backyard agriculture, and camps.

Powder Ball .68 Cal

SKU: 5909
Powder balls create a visual hazing as well as a painful impact (if desired). Non-toxic and stable for long-term storage.

Marking Paintballs - 10 Round Tube

SKU: 5906
Mark problem wildlife for future recognition. Leaves marks up to two weeks in an outdoor environment.

Marking Paintballs - 120 Round Box

SKU: 5907
Mark problem wildlife for future recognition. Leaves marks up to two weeks in an outdoor environment.

Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Marker

SKU: 5900
Simple and effective paintball marker. Paintball and Margo Powderballs are great deterrents for bears and other large animals.

12 Gauge Mega Flash Blank

SKU: 6611
12 Gauge Nova Blank creates intense sound and muzzle flash that startles and chases away problem wildlife.

12 Ga HV Star

SKU: 6616
Non-lethal, short range wildlife deterrent ammunition. Flies accurately and delivers a painful but safe impact.

12 Gauge Rubber Slugs

SKU: 6610
Non-lethal, mid and extended-range wildlife control ammunition. Flies accurately and delivers a painful but safe impact.

Counter Assault Chest Holster

SKU: 4009
Keep your bear spray close and ready deploy with the Counter Assault Chest Holster. Adjustable and secure.

Personal protection is a necessity when living, working, or recreating in bear country. We only stock the products recommended by the leading bear professionals. We carry noise deterrents, such as pressurized air sirens, pyrotechnic scare cartridges, non-lethal direct contact ammunition, and other noisemakers, used to scare away inquisitive or aggressive bears. Our Counter Assault Pepper Spray - featuring the highest capsaicin concentration in the country - is the last line of defense and will stop a bear in its tracks. The quick release trigger and wide spray radius make it easy to deploy in an emergency, effectively disabling and aggressive animal. Our personal protection and industrial bear kits contain everything you need to stay safe in bear country.