Bear Spray

Counter Assault Bear Spray

SKU: 4003
230g counter assault bear spray is the last line of defense to stop bears in their tracks, dispersing a pepper cloud up to 9m, temporarily disabling a charging bear.

Counter Assault Inert Bear Spray - For Training

SKU: 4013
Be prepared for bear country by practicing how to safely and quickly deploy Counter Assault bear spray with the Inert Training Spray.

Bear Spray Hip Holster

SKU: 4004
Keep your bear spray secure and accessible with the quick-draw holster. Sits securely on your hip with attached belt loop.

One Second Counts Bear Spray Holster

SKU: 4015
Bear Spray is only effective if you can use it quickly. Keep your bear spray secure and ready to use. Mounts anywhere.

Counter Assault Chest Holster

SKU: 4009
Keep your bear spray close and ready to deploy with the Counter Assault Chest Holster. Adjustable and secure.

Bear Spray Runners Belt

SKU: 4019
Comfortably carry your bear spray and keep it easy to reach. Ideal for trail runners, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.

Bear Spray Travel and Storage Case

SKU: 4016
Hard plastic storage container with screw top safely stores bear spray to prevent accidental deployment.

Bicycle Mounted Bear Spray Holster

SKU: 4018
Cyclists travel quickly and quietly. Protect yourself from dangerous bear encounters with secure and accessible bear spray.

Counter Assault bear spray is the most effective way to prevent an attack. Non-lethal and non-toxic, protects people and wildlife.