Fibreglass Line Posts

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  • Lightweight, portable, and durable.

  • Eliminates need for insulators on charged wires.

  • Sungard UV protection for long life in the field.

  • For portable and permanent electric fences.

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These lightweight and highly flexible fibreglass posts are a quick, easy and economical solution for wildlife or livestock fencing. These posts are made of continuous glass filaments and durable resin with an ultraviolet protective coating. They will last twenty plus years. Fibreglass is an electric insulator, making these posts easy to use for electric fencing. They are easy to put into most ground with only hand tools. Line posts are used to maintain the fence wire height and spacing in straight fence runs. Recommended line post spacing is 4m (15') to 6m (20') depending on the terrain. Undulating, uneven ground requires closer spacing.

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