Parmak Solar 6 Fence Energizer

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  • Solar-powered electric fencer provides uninterrupted power in remote locations.

  • Sealed, weatherproof unit contains high-quality AGM frost-proof battery.

  • Suitable for small fences, including around apiaries, gardens, and smoke houses.

Solar-Powered Electric fence energizer for small fences, such as around bee yards, chicken coops, gardens or for strip grazing. The solar panel keeps the built-in battery charged, ensuring the continuous power, even under cloudy weather and in low light. Completely weather-proof and built for outdoor use. Low-impedance energizer producing 1.8 joules, powering small fences.

Convenience of a power line fencer in a battery energizer. Eliminate expensive battery replacement and inconvenient recharging. It comes complete with a 6-volt gel battery and a built-in performance meter. The Parmak Solar 6 features computer precision solid state circuitry which provides a powerful and painful shock. The single crystal solar panel charges the battery, even on overcast days, and the battery will power the fence for nine days in total darkness. Durable, portable and rustproof, allows for installation anywhere. Full one year factory warranty on the fencer and 6-volt gel battery.

Electric Bear Fencing is one of the best solutions to prevent cabin damage. You can install the fence directly on your cabin to protect the control area when you're not around and have peace of mind knowing the battery is always charged.

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