MPPT Solar Controller Retrofit

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  • Allows solar panels to operate at peak efficiency, adding 30% more charging capacity.

  • Reduces the sunlight needed per day to maintain charge in Margo Solar Kits.

  • Snaps onto the Power Sonic 12V Battery.

  • Extends battery life through over and undercharge protection.

Retrofit any Margo Solar Battery Kits with the Solar Controller MPPT add-on. Simply snaps onto the terminals of the Power Sonic 12V batteries found in Margo Solar Kits and the Margo Solar 12 Electric Fence Energizer. This circuit board pulls power at 18V, which is at the solar panel's peak efficiency. It then steps down the voltage to 14Volts to charge the battery. Push button terminals make for quick and secure wire connections.

Advanced Charge Control Technology pulls power at 98% efficiency and features protections for reverse polarity and short circuits. The MPPT Solar Controller also extends battery life by preventing over or undercharging. It also modulates the charging profile based on temperature for cold weather battery protection. Coated with water resistant Silicon conformal coating to prevent corrosion.

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