Zon Mark IV

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  • 120dB loud propane blasts scare birds.

  • Adjustable detonation intervals from 40 seconds to 30 minutes.

  • Efficient gas consumption – 20 lbs. propane tank delivers 17,000 explosions.

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Deter birds and other wildlife with the Zon Mark IV Scare Cannon. Dependable and affordable, the Mark 4 is one of the most ­­extensively used bird deterrents at agricultural, industrial sites, and airports around the world. European, precision-manufactured Cannon wherever you need to prevent birds from gathering. Protect up to six acres of high-value crops (such as ripe fruit) from determined birds. Provides even greater coverage for lower value attractants.

Delivers 17,000 explosions per 20lb propane tank. Setting timing intervals is easy and intuitive and the 120dB detonation can be set to fire anytime between 40 seconds to 30 minutes. The Zon Mark IV is designed to last and will provide years of use with limited servicing. The unit is self-contained and powered only by a propane tank. Weatherproof and durable, the cannon has been deployed in every environment imaginable, from tropical jungles to the Canadian north.

Upgrade Your Cannon with the Rotating Tripod (#1002) for 360° coverage and to elevate the cannon above crops vegetation and other obstructions. The Zon Quartz Clock Timer (#1001) allows you to set the cannon so it fires when it is needed and stops when birds are not active, such as at night. Reducing noise when birds are not feeding prevents them from becoming accustomed to the sound, increasing the effectiveness of the cannon.

Vary Scare Techniques to keep animals from getting too used to the cannon. The Zon Cannon is effective on all species of birds and even some mammals, such as deer. Frequently moving the cannon helps prevent habitation. Combining visual products such as predator kites or dead crow decoys adds another level of deterrent. Active deterrents like pyrotechnics increase the confusion and panic response in birds, keeping them away for even longer.

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Effective But will Upgrade Next Time
Date posted: Nov 15, 2016

It does a great job keeping birds away but I wish there was more advanced timing options as I live 5 miles away from my field and it takes a long time to go to the field to turn it off at night and on again in the morning. Next time I’ll try out the electra cannon as I think there is a more advanced control.

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Good Value
Date posted: Nov 15, 2016

Best value bird scarer in my experience. It’s a not too complicated but works and keeps birds away.

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